The explorer

A new personal piece, this one took me quite long! Originally I wanted to practice drawing lines (in Corel Painter!), but then it developed into something more :)

(Click for bigger size)



6 thoughts on “The explorer

  1. Nice! :)
    Did you do the header picture for the blog as well? (Sorry if you already explained this elsewhere…) If so, may I ask: whatd you use to draw it?

  2. Hey, the sneak preview! :)
    Nice pic! And an interesting armour. Such a lot of details. I don’t know, where to start to praise you ;)
    There are a few things though which do not fit entirely – in my eyes at least. Is that a normal human? Than the neck is a bit too long. And the torch seems to be behind her hand. Otherwise very good!

    • Thaaank you my dear :) For the praise, as well as the critique – now that you say it I see that the neck is too long. About the torch you’re right as well, but I already suspected that…

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