Sketchdump #162 – Back to the basics

Time for a perspective-basics update! Those are probably not the most exciting sketches to look at, but since I am scanning them anyway, I guess I can share them as well – maybe it will inspire someone else who struggles with perspective to get back to the basics as well. Also, I’m always open for other suggestions how to get that stuff down!

The many-cube-sheet is drawn from life (paper cube).

Sketchdump99_3 Sketchdump99_4 Sketchdump99_5 Sketchdump99_6 Sketchdump99_7 Sketchdump99_8 Sketchdump101_03 Sketchdump101_04 Sketchdump101_11 Sketchdump101_12 Sketchdump101_13


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