Sketchdump #165 – Color master studies

Another batch of master studies – this time, it’s all about color. I feel like the value studies were more valuable, even though the color ones were harder to do. Not to say I didn’t learn anything though!

(Today: Caspar David Friedrich, Bierstadt, Benson, Anshutz, Aivazovsky and more)


What did I learn:
– Figure out why skintones look so ugly and digital when using certain reds, yellows and oranges (even thogh the original seems to use them, too)
– Find a way to paint with a different base color showing through (resulting in 2 colors at the same spot, refreshing the eye)
– Practice low contast/low value range paintings
– Rotate and re-use colors within one painting
– Be more bold with color choices
– Careful with choosing blues (violet-blue vs. cyan-blue)


2 thoughts on “Sketchdump #165 – Color master studies

  1. You have the same list of goals I usually set up for myself. I really enjoy Bierstadt and Aiazovsky for studies. Nicely done.

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