Fantasy Self Portrait: Banshee

This one was done for the monthly challenge of ImagineFX. Although I get the “you could be a blood elf” quite often, I decided to go for something different – a Banshee! (This idea came from my little sibling, so credit goes to them – although I’m not sure if I should worry for being associated with a banshee!)
Hair and eye color changed for effect (and to fit mythology), but the skin is actually pretty much what I look like, lit by my computer screen.


Again, for anyone interested: Here’s the progress.

banshee_self1 banshee_self2b banshee_self3 banshee_self5 banshee_self6


5 thoughts on “Fantasy Self Portrait: Banshee

  1. Nice woman! Her right hand looks a bit odd though, her middle hand seems too long for me.
    However, the for the images which flow through my mind when I read Banshee, she looks much too nice and well fed. But that might come from reading different stories/descriptions.

    –Read wikipedia: Seems it can be a beautiful looking woman also!

    • Well, sh’e supposed to resemble me, so couldn’t change the appereance (body etc) too much. Some references state that she can be any woman she wants, so I went with that. Maybe I should have added the silver comb!
      Thanks for commenting :)

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