Sketchdump #173 – Human Anatomy

Let’s stop the laziness!
I bought some photos for anatomy practice, it’s sooo refreshing to not use the same poses over and over again. If anyone feels like sending me tasteful nude pictures, I’m always grateful :p (Okay, this might come across strange, but…)
Also, I registered for the figure drawing course I mentioned, and quite like it so far :) Here’s a link to the free version of the first video (Gesture):

I feel like my drawings are getting messier with every post O_O

Sketchdump105_00 Sketchdump105_01 Sketchdump105_02 Sketchdump105_03 Sketchdump105_04 Sketchdump105_05 Sketchdump105_06 Sketchdump105_07 Sketchdump105_08 Sketchdump105_09 Sketchdump105_10


12 thoughts on “Sketchdump #173 – Human Anatomy

  1. you have an amazing grasp on the whole “anatomy” thing, what’s your secret? also, what is the size of the papers you are using and how are you scanning them? (I use an a3 smooth paper sketchpad and its too large for my scanner >_<)

    • Thanks a lot, phoenolf, glad you think so :) The “secret” is a lot of practice and learning the basics over and over again. I use books to learn the muscle groups (Loomis, Hampton, Bridgman…), and then draw from photos, although from life would be better I guess. I also try new approaches now and then. And all the time go back to refresh the basics, I will then focus solely on things like gestures, or line quality.
      I almost always draw on a4 printing paper, which is a bit smaller than my scanner, so that works fine for me. It’s also very cheap, so I don’t have to be afraid of wasting money if I do mistakes. I’m scanning in color and 150 dpi, then correct the contrast and shrink it afterwards.
      I have tried a3 paper too, but as you said, scanning in 2 steps is not much fun, and taking photos lowers the quality… just too much hassle for everyday sketches. (Also, my desk is quite small)

  2. (finally somebody who knows the value of lines OwO) many thanks for the advice but I think its kinda difficult for me to go back to a4 (because I’ve gotten used to a3 and above but then again, I do like to upload some quality pictures for once >_<), especially if I want to do comics or very fancy illustrations (I tend to be very detailed sometimes and the size of a4 gets in the way), do you have any advice for this kind of thing? OwO

    • If you like drawing on a3 that’s fine, I would not go back to drawing smaller just for convenience’ sake. I was just talking about my sketches up there, which are really just quick things and nothing fancy. For your illustrations or other finished work I would definitely take the time to scan them properly. If they are too tall, just scan them in 2 parts and put them together afterwards?

      • I actually do that with a3 illustrations or comics but the problems arises when you don’t perfectly scan the two parts of the drawing properly (like taking the two parts of the drawing and attaching them only to find out one’s at a slightly different angle than the other. so you spend a whole lot of time adjusting the angle until its perfectly attached to the other part >_<)

        • I guess there is no other way than try to scan & patch it together as good as possible… except buying a huge scanner or scanning in a copyshop/office. Or try to get a good, indirect light to take good photos… other than that, I don’t know a solution, sorry :<

        • I went to electronic shops lots of times, the biggest scanner I have seen so far is an a4 scanner >__< (but I still appreciate your helps OWO)

        • Amazon for example does have some a3 scanners as well, but I don’t really know any more about those, because I’m not drawing this big most of the time, so I didn’t do any research on this :) Good luck though!

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