Reference Photos: Medieval Clothing

Hey guys,

in my home town we celebrate a huge medieval event every four years, called the “Landshut Wedding“… it has a very strong focus on authenticity, the participants have to grow their hair, can’t even wear their own underwear, but get medieval stuff etc :)
So, if anyone cares for some medieval reference material of European clothing from around 1475, I shot some photos of the wedding procession and uploaded them… feel free to have a look!

Download here: (~400 files, 130 mb)

Official event website:

(Disclaimer: The quality is not the best, I cut a few feet, sharpness is not always in place etc – but for reference purpose, they are fine I think. Also, I obviously don’t own the right on any of the costumes, I am uploading the images for educational purpose only.)

lyraina_2013_laho 092

lyraina_2013_laho 093

lyraina_2013_laho 094

lyraina_2013_laho 095

lyraina_2013_laho 096

lyraina_2013_laho 097

lyraina_2013_laho 098

lyraina_2013_laho 099

lyraina_2013_laho 100

lyraina_2013_laho 101

lyraina_2013_laho 102

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