Sketchdump #184 – Anatomy

More anatomy, and more to come. Sorry for the flood of just sketch posts! I do have some paintings in the making, but will need some more time for those.
So I am trying to leave my anatomy-comfort-zone lately, and practice some foreshortening, different body types… not easy, even with reference. Especially the foreshortening, I think I need to do some research on that topic… also, gestures made with a brush pen. Not sure if I like those.
Photo referenced, last 2 pages from mind.

Sketchdump110_1 Sketchdump110_2 Sketchdump110_3 Sketchdump110_4 Sketchdump110_5 Sketchdump110_6 Sketchdump110_7 Sketchdump110_8 Sketchdump110_9

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