Yellow grass

I’m not too happy how this turned out (again), I always tend to lose crispness and mood during rendering. But it’s time to move on anyway.


Also, here’s the WIP. Which one do you guys prefer, an animated gif or a jpeg?

rnd54d_Lyraina_steps rnd54d_lyraina


12 thoughts on “Yellow grass

  1. Actually, both have their advantages. I like to look at the animated gif first to get an impression, but if you want to look at one stage closer, the row of jpegs are better.

  2. Looks like a fun project! Not sure if you actually had fun… but it looks like a nice flow of thoughts and process. Wish my landscape painting process is as fun and not full of “Argh! The bleeding *bleep* ain’t workin’!” Substitute *bleep* with anything like color/blend/brush/etc… . Um about the actual painting, I like the inclusion of the little water fall, it breaks up the possible monotony of one, continuous, smoothly flowing silver ribbon of a stream. More energy to the composition, I guess, also more realistic. Was just on a hike recently, and noticed a stream is almost never flat, especially if that landscape includes hills and mountains, and is not in the Great Plains.

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