Master study: Frank Frazetta

Dissecting Frazetta. This was even more useful than I thought it might be! Observations:

– He is using (very) strong color contrasts in almost every image (green vs. red, blue vs. orange) even if it’s not immediately visible
– An exception seem to be greens, which he sometimes shifts slightly towards yellow instead of the direct complement to his red (maybe depending on mood of the image or to get a mossier look or warmer red?)
– Great effects with limited palette
– He’s going all the way to black in huge parts of the image, but the lightest areas and strongest contrasts are reserved for the focal points
– He is not afraid of using VERY saturated colors. Not sure how he makes his decisions in this regard?
– Cluttering tiny pieces of complementary colors besides each other everywhere in the image
– Lower part of figures often melt together with the background (value/hue – often in  the shadows)
– Contrasting colors of the backgrond are often picked up again in the skin (shadow vs light area), unifying the image

– Triangles. Circles. Diagonals.
– Strong use of silhouettes agains background (value difference)

master10_frazetta master11_frazetta

7 thoughts on “Master study: Frank Frazetta

  1. Great observations, thanks for sharing! Frazetta was truly a master. I was just reading a collection of old “Creepy” magazine reprints, where he did some of his first penciling and inking work. Even in black and white, his style really shines through.

    • Thanks! He was indeed – while I’ve liked his work before, I just now realize how deliberate his mastery was achieved. And yes, he has a very unique style.

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