Sketchdump #201 – Constructive Anatomy

Hum. Anatomy sketching feels a bit stale lately. (referenced)

Sketchdump118_1 Sketchdump118_2 Sketchdump118_3 Sketchdump118_4 Sketchdump118_5 Sketchdump118_6 Sketchdump118_7 Sketchdump118_8

2 thoughts on “Sketchdump #201 – Constructive Anatomy

  1. if its starting to get stale then try (while using the reference) drawing something extra to the drawing or try drawing animals or cyborgs or lots of buildings or drawing at different angle or……*GASP* ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!! OWO

  2. You’re drawing the same basic body type here. Try drawing younger or older people, or ones that are extremely fat/thin/muscular. Also different ethnicities. :)

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