Bloodsport 1: Sci Fi hunter and pet #1

My friend Jaik and I are doing the old Bloodsports challenges from the crimson daggers together, starting with the first one – really trying to do it right, and not taking any shortcuts or excuses or comfort zone stuff.
The first topic is designing a “Sci Fi hunter and pet”.

First I developed some character designs. Not yet sure in which direction I wanted to go.

BS1_character_lyrainaAfter receiving some feedback I decided to go for a male protagonist because I do females far too often, also wanted to go for a ‘sneaky’ instead of ‘military’ direction:

BS1_character3_lyrainaNext come some thumbnails exploring the composition of the image:

BS1_thumbs2Here are some of the questions I asked myself while developing the designs:

sci-fi hunter

  • weapons: firearm or scifi-gun, hunting knife, scifi-crossbow/bow (more silent than gun?), harpoon
  • props? rope, ammunition, night vision, traps, backpack, first aid
  • chamaeleon clothing for camouflage? (reflective or color change)
  • protection gear (against environment or resistant prey)?
  • why are they hunting, for food, fun or warfare?
  • how to show the hunting (not i.e. soldier) aspect? (hunter is focused on sneaking, camouflage, detecting prey; less on real confrontation. hunting accessoirs like teeth, fur, dead animal?)
  • posing: simple standing/crouching pose, following a trail, aiming at something, inspecting something, placing a trap, hiding behind tree/stone/something
  • consider context: jungle, prairie, hostile environment?, foreign planet/world, forest, warm/cold, dry/wet,  etc
  • how to show sci fi aspect? (technological weapon, clothing, props, pet props, environment – is there a way to make a spear, staff, harpoon or (cross)bow look sci fi and suitable for hunting?, technical body-modifications (prothesis))


  • eagle / raven (maybe with camera/spying device)
  • help with coursing and fighting: tiger, fox, lynx, hyena, bear
  • pet for carrying dead prey? (if hunter is slim?)
  • find a way to connect hunter & his pet -> patterns, technify parts of the pet, equipment?

More to come!


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