Sketchdump #203 – basic anatomy

Hey guys. Today’s anatomy post contains some 30 second gestures (I do those as my daily warmup), some medium poses (drawing freely, not constructing), and some longer ones. I am trying to follow the suggestion of doing more different body types. Has anyone some suggestions where I could get reference for different body types, races and weights, preferably non-pornographic? Typing the wrong key words into google in that regard is not too much fun :/

Sketchdump120_01 Sketchdump120_03b Sketchdump120_03a Sketchdump120_02Sketchdump120_07 Sketchdump120_09 Sketchdump120_08Sketchdump120_09a Sketchdump120_12  Sketchdump120_10 Sketchdump120_09b


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