Sketchdump #207 – Foreshortened Anatomy

Some more anatomy studies, this time trying to tackle foreshortened poses. This was mind-blowing stuff, I had to correct so many times because I could not believe what I was seeing! Not sure what’s the best way to practice those, as there is so much danger of copying photographic artefacts or distortions instead of whatever it is supposed to look like…

Sketchdump122_01 Sketchdump122_02 Sketchdump122_03 Sketchdump122_04 Sketchdump122_05 Sketchdump122_06

One thought on “Sketchdump #207 – Foreshortened Anatomy

  1. Last one, second-to-last one, and first one have the best sense of mass planted in space with out any background or shadow helping out. Last one, even without feet, because, maybe, we’re so used to seeing this kind of hero angle so that we take it particularly well.

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