Sketchdump #208 – Environment mood sketches

Here’s a small experiment – one scene, different times of day or weather effects. No reference used whatsoever – I will use this as a starting point, trying to improve from here on with specific studies. Can you guess what each is supposed to show?



Solutions (select with mouse): 1) Midday, 2) Night, 3) Overcast/Stormy, 4) sunset, 5) sunrise, 6) winter day

4 thoughts on “Sketchdump #208 – Environment mood sketches

  1. I love environments!
    1. A warm summerday, around 11am
    2.Night, full moon, but a bit misty…
    3.Rainy weather, not autumn, the trees have still leaves..
    5. Early morning mist, the green is a bit off though, the shadows are falling differently than in 6.
    6. A sunny winterday, 4pm,

  2. 1. March mid-day
    2. June/July night
    3. Stormy during day (summer storm?)
    4. Sunset of summer
    5. Crack of dawn either early spring or summer
    6. Snow-silenced winter day

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