Bloodsport 1: Sci Fi hunter and pet #3 (final)

Finished that baby! And the character sheet. I’m not entirely happy how it turned out, but I learnt a lot (especially about time management and the design process).

Click for bigger size:

BS1_final_lyraina_big BS1_character_lyraina_small


8 thoughts on “Bloodsport 1: Sci Fi hunter and pet #3 (final)

  1. Great picture! I love especially the armour of the cat, it’s convincing! The hunter could be a huntress also – or something in between, was that intended? (not so on the character sheet). The only thing which I might have done differently is the gaze of the cat. Why does it not look to that terrifying monster? Is there something else in the direction it looks? Have you looked how the left paw has to look? I would have expected to see some claws.
    The green mood is lovely, the tree and the colour of the background. :)

    • Thanks for the feedback! And no, this should absolutely not look like a huntress. Major fail on my part if it does! :D Still a long way to go letting guys look like guys it seems.

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