Sketchdump #211 – Anatomy

More anatomy! (There will always be more anatomy…)

Gestures this time are 15 sec each and 60 sec. I tell you, 15 seconds is crazy! So easy to forget breathing while sketching. Also, more of the usual sketches.

Sketchdump123_10 Sketchdump123_11 Sketchdump123_12 Sketchdump123_13 Sketchdump123_14 Sketchdump123_15 Sketchdump123_16 Sketchdump123_17 Sketchdump123_18

5 thoughts on “Sketchdump #211 – Anatomy

    • Don’t be jealous, just practice more yourself! :p I’d actually prefer doing more painting instead of drawing… but I feel like a strong painting always needs a strong drawing as a basis… so yeah, there you go. You are right though, I could change the title to your suggestion, would be the truth :p Although I try to mix in some digitals and other things every now and then, don’t want to bore anyone to death ;)
      Also, happy belated birthday to you!

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