Bloodsport 2: Swamp Elder #1

New month, new (old) bloodsport challenge! This week’s topic is to develop a “swamp elder” in his environment.

First comes some brainstorming.

dark green, brown, grey
wetlands, ponds, (dead trees), grass/reeds, cypress knees, mist
more or less forested
moods: drepssing, morbid, dark vs. dreamlike, misty-green

grandfather-like, tells stories to the children
war-chief like, hard person
fragile, strong, tiny/slim, massive … body language?
religious leader?

probably some kind of authority, wise
leader or elder of a human tribe living in the swamp
humanoid species, adapted to living in the swamp (frog like/greenish/wet skin)
tree like species, incorporating all ‘swamp’ things in his design (from moss to hanging stuff), gnarly
combination of all above – humanoid with bark skin etc
what culture does this creature/person belong to? how do they live? what does it mean to be an elder? what’s their job and how does it show?
inspired by swamp animals? (

to do:
environment — decide on mood
elder – decide on direction
animals or plants to give life to surroundings
think of the culture they belong to
composition of final image — maybe some interesting perspective? light situation (campfire)?
what does the elder do? tell stories? give advice? show something interesting to tell a story with visuals.

WoW druid treeform

Character exploration & refinement:

bs2_char1_lyraina bs2_char2_lyrainaPlaying with composition:

bs2_comp1_lyrainaTo be continued…

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