Bloodsport 3: Gauntlet Redesign #2

My friend Jaik and I are doing the old Bloodsports challenges from the crimson daggers together – this month’s challenge is to redesign the cover of the old game “Gauntlet”.

After Questor and Thor, here are Thyra the valkyrie and Merlin the wizard. For Thyra I wanted to avoid the cliché metal bikini & boobplates, but also make her design not too knight-like, something I didn’t achieve with all of the variations. For Merlin I wanted to find stay away from the typical Gandalf-look, but had to take care not to drift too far towards monk designs… that was a tough one.

bs3_lyraina_wip5 bs3_lyraina_wip7


One thought on “Bloodsport 3: Gauntlet Redesign #2

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