Bloodsport 3: Gauntlet Redesign #3

My friend Jaik and I are doing the old Bloodsports challenges from the crimson daggers together – this month’s challenge is to redesign the cover of the old game “Gauntlet”.

After establishing the designs for the four characters (see posts here and here) it is time to actually assemble them to a composition. I want to choose a strong composition, which reads well from a distance, suitable for a cover.

First some rough ideas:

bs3_lyraina_wip2bThen I explored those futher with inserting the actual character sketches:

bs3_lyraina_wip9For my favourites of those, I simplified the composition to see which reads best as a silhouette:

bs3_lyraina_wip9bAfter choosing my favourite, all that is left is rendering. I am experimenting with a looser approach to see how it goes, since I was very focused on starting out with clean linework lately. be continued!


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