Sketchdump #224 – portait photo studies

Yesterday I was tired to a point that I just wanted to slip down on the floor and pass out, but instead I let myself fade into zombi mode and did some color studies with photos: no focus on rendering, but trying to find out discrepancies between what my zombi brain THINKS it sees, and what the photograph really says. So I picked some representative colors from my image in different stages (flat colors, rendered etc) and compared them to colors I picked from the photograph in terms of value, saturation and brightness. It’s a quite insightful exercise. I tend to overestimate saturation (surprise…) and underestimate brightness levels (might be an artefact of my workstyle). It also made me realize how much I rely on “on canvas mixing” because I had some difficulties deciding on the flat colors. I usually always start with just a colored background/flat color and then build up & render layers of colors on top of that.

portrait154_lyrainaAnd another one my friend challenged me to do because she said I wouldn’t be able to paint him recognizable as a guy because of his feminine features. I hope I was able to prove her wrong :p



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