Sketchdump #229: Color and Light

I started doing studies with James Gurney’s book “Color and Light” (which I highly recommend!). Taking notes on every chapter and doing master/photo/life studies and/or application sketches as I find useful.

Overcast Light:
– clouds eliminate extreme contrasts
– good for complicated outdoor scenes
– shows true colors, brighter than in direct sunlight

Cast Shadows:
– flooded with various sources (on earth because of atmosphere)
– blue sky -> blue cast shadow
– depends on light source: soft light = blurry edge, two lights = two shadows (i.e. car lights)…
– edge gets softer with distance
– bands of light and shade create depth

Half shadow
– creates drama
– i.e. setting sun, lighting only upper part of something, “end of day” feeling

Occlusion Shadows (crevice shadows)
= small, dense area of shadow, when forms come close to each other
– i.e. folds, contact of object with ground

half shadow (master study):


overcast (master study):master24_lyraina

cast shadow (window light, still life):still65



6 thoughts on “Sketchdump #229: Color and Light

  1. That book is great. I didn’t like his first one very much, but his second one compiled a lot of stuff that you would otherwise have to gather from a bunch of other different sources, so it’s really useful!

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