Magic Box #1 – color comps

I recently bought the “Magic Box”, a self-taught course by Chris Oatley. Here’s the first homework assignment – molesting the old masters and learning about color schemes on the way ;) Using gradient tool & lasso combination under a sketch layer.


Those were my color scheme references (I don’t think I chose wisely):



7 thoughts on “Magic Box #1 – color comps

  1. The results are interesting… and your references don’t look bad, I think they have very specific and pleasant colours, so why not. :)
    I have this one small small question, if you had a free while, if you’d take a look at my site in return. I’m very new to wordpress and I’m slowly discovering the options and all talented people out there but as every beginner I’d deeply appreaciate any support. :)

    • Thanks again, Ynne! :) Sure, I’ll have a look, just drop me the link (can only see your mail address right now, not a link to your blog) – and let me know what exactly do you want feedback on (content or wordpress related things or whatever).

      • Sorry, I don’t know how to fix that in my settings or so. My wordpress is – there’s really not much yet, maybe if some tag/category on top of menu gets your attention, or anything you feel like you have what to say about. I wouldn’t want you to write on my command, haha. Just if you felt like it and had a free while. :) But thank you anyway for your kindness.

        • Left you a comment – mostly on the wordpress side of things, because concerning your art you already seem to know quite well what you are doing :) Feel free to ask if you have any questions though!

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