Sketchdump #235 – Portrait & Figure Painting

Some digitals I did over the last days. Skin, color, face painting, edges etc. From reference, and later application from mind.

figure34_lyraina portrait164_lyraina portrait166_lyraina portrait167_lyraina portrait168_lyrainacharacter12

5 thoughts on “Sketchdump #235 – Portrait & Figure Painting

  1. Ahh… seeing this, I easily realize I should do such things as well, and well a lot of them, haha. Your blog is extremely inspiring, especially with all the notes and thoughts around it. :)

    • Thank you! Yes, studies are really helpful to get a better understanding of certain aspects (whatever you’re studying). Easier to concentrate on just one or two things, instead of trying to just get everything right at once. Notes help me memorize & simplify/understand things better :)

      • I also like to take notes even from books I own, so I understand that :) I just find it hard to find anything in them later. :D Do you store the notes somewhat or just use them to memorize it as you go? :)

        • I store them, because I like storing my notes (haha), but don’t use them much later on. Maybe I’ll look over them again later on, but for Gurney’s book, I would probably just look up the chapter directly. For video tutorials, notes can be a lot quicker to get back to though, than re-watching the whole thing.

        • That sounds very reasonable :) I think I’ll start with writing notes more than just from books, since I search for tutorials and videos a lot, but I only rely on memorizing. Thank you for the tips :)

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