I walk alone

Sometimes, the urge to paint a nebula just becomes too strong to ignore.


Alternate version with just the nebula: click


4 thoughts on “I walk alone

  1. I always thought that there is no need to paint astronomical objects which don’t show more than a photograph can do as well – for there are so many splendid photographs (though often enhanced with colour), but your painting is really nice to look at!

    • Well, you could say that about a lot of things. Why paint a figure/face if you can take a photograph or photobash it to your liking? Why invent creatures or landscapes when there’s so much still to be discovered in nature? Etc.
      Apart from that – fortunately in art and invention there does not neccessarily have to be a “need” for some people to just do it anyway :)
      (Also – there still is a ‘need’, if you want to call it that, for space artists – for there are still a few areas in our universe where we don’t have photographs from, but people would still like to see a visual presentation of what it *might* look like!)

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