Master study: Brom

Analyzing Brom. Master of composition, value AND color.
– Very strong use of very strong shapes
– Often contrasts strong sharp forms (triangle, diagonals etc), combined with very round forms (circles, curves)
– Uses some shapes (that are not extremely common) repeatedly through his work
– Uses VERY unusual compositions deliberately (for an alienating effect?), like strong horizontals crossed with strong verticals. probably only advisable for advanced skill levels
– relatively simple, one-figure compositions but placed for great effect

– Contrasts high-key areas with low-key areas in the same image
– Images work mostly through very strong silhouettes and value hierachy, which then gets supported by very deliberate use of colors

– often uses very few colors (or only one and black), but uses the whole range of values and saturation
-> often staying in a very limited part of the color wheel
– repeated use of same colors in whole image
– uses colors to create a certain mood, e.g. uncomfortable or heroic or pleasant
– seems to like the desaturated red, red/orange/yellow spectrum
– complementary contrast
– very subtle hue shifts in very desaturated areas give lots of richness to an image. contrasted by strong, saturated color accents
– desaturated, cold purple/blue/grey skin can look good surrounded by saturated colors
– often separates FG and BG by saturation differences
– very saturated BG vs. desaturated FG looks interesting
master32_lyraina_brom_comp master32_lyraina_brom_colorAlso relatd: Frazetta studies


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