Still Life in Oils

Got inspired by a friend’s oil painting awesomeness and also couldn’t stand only drawing those pretty and colorful fruit sitting on my desk! So I got out the oils again and made this. I made a lot of mistakes, but also feel like I learnt a ton.
1) I wanted to go for warm light – cool shadows, but didn’t find a good way to block out cool light ruining my warm light source at daytime; while painting at night makes me swarmed by insects. Bad planning. I had a lot of trouble determining colors and temperature in the shadows, up to a point where I couldn’t even ‘see’ if it is warm, cold, brown, grey or whatever anymore. I spent a lot of time just staring and thinking; which is something I probably should do more often to develop a better eye for these things.
2) Lack of planning – spoiled by the digital age I didn’t really figure out what to do with background and framing beforehand, thus running into trouble later.
3) I also lost my construction drawing during the process, which killed the perspective in several parts (most obvious in the dagger). Not sure how to fix this, other than paint more carefully to preserve the planning/drawing from earlier stages? Kind of counterintuitive for me, since I like just blocking in rough shapes when starting out
4) The underground was a really bad choice, as it kept me from seeing shadows and bounce shadows. Choose more wisely next time.
5) The texture is more obvious than I thought, plus the surface was quite absorbant, unfortunately I don’t remember if that was the case with different painting ground as well, or if it’s maybe because I started out with a lot of thinning medium. Or too small brushes. Needs more experimentation.
Had lots of fun though!



5 thoughts on “Still Life in Oils

  1. Versuch es doch mal mit einem dunklen oder “strukturierten” Malgrund ( z.B. mit verdünnter Farbe oder Tusche plus groooßem Pinsel Kleckse, trockene Pinselaufstriche oder nur eine Tonlasur aufbringen). Dann kommt Weiß als Licht und blaudunkle Farben für den Schatten zum Einsatz.

    • Danke für die Hinweise! Einen dunkleren oder texturierten Malgrund muss ich auf jeden Fall mal ausprobieren – im Digitalen starte ich schließlich auch nie mit weißem Hintergrund…

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