Sketchdump #269- people sketching

Being mainly a digital artist, who maybe sometimes sketches on printing paper, I’m not too used to sketching in a (hard-bound) sketchbook. Decided it’s time to change that though, so I took one of my nicest, but so far empty, sketchbooks with me to Berlin, where I attended the Schoolism Live Workshop. Found some time for people sketching on a stop in Dresden, and also in Berlin. Faces are partly from imagination, but also inspired by people around me. No likenesses though ’cause I didn’t dare to stare at them for the most part, especially other people’s kids! (Those are not all pages I did that weekend, but all that I deem show-worthy)


Also, me trying and failing to apply what I learnt at Luis Gonzales’ workshop on Gesture Drawing – which was really awesome! (Let me know if someone wants my notes)



2 thoughts on “Sketchdump #269- people sketching

  1. Cool! I think you did pretty good on the expressional gesture poses.
    Did you do an online workshop somewhere?
    I would love to see your notes on this if you would share them with me :) Unless I would never do as good as you on proportions xD

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