Window view – winter

Today I remembered there’s a world outside of my room, so I looked outside – that’s what I found:

lyraina-fenster lyraina-fenster2 lyraina-fenster3 lyraina-fenster4


14 thoughts on “Window view – winter

    • Thank you! :) Yep, digitally painted in Photoshop. I painted the first one as a warmup in the morning, and every time weather, light or clouds had changed I painted right over it again to catch the new mood.

        • Yup – it’s the view from the room I work in, so I just had to look out every now and then to see if weather or light had changed. The series above is all done on one day – Morning, Midday, Afternoon, Night – and then two more done the following day (those are in a different post).

    • Haha, thank you Olga. And you’re so right of course! ;) I hope to get out some more in the summer (or when temperatures get a bit more mild) and do some more plein air paintings :)

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