Here is a fanart I made for Patrick Rothfuss – I’ve wanted to paint one for a long time now, just never got around to actually doing it. When I heard that he is coming to Germany I just knew this is the perfect opportunity! So I painted dear little Auri, and went to his reading/signing at the Leipzig book fair. It was awesome to see and hear him in person!

At the book signing, instead of my books, I handed him a print, and asked him to sign one for me.

I was very, very, very nervous, painting someone else’s character (without being asked to) always feels like risky business to me – you don’t want to mess up other people’s darlings/babies after all! Also, the more intense my feelings for a character (like Auri), the harder it is for me to actually get the visual representation to feel just right.

However, when he saw my painting he said „This is beautiful!“ – making me one very happy girl! So there you have it. The three magical words to make an artist-fangirl’s heart melt…


Here’s the signed version of the print that I get to keep. :)



3 thoughts on “Auri

  1. Just found this blog from Patrick Rothfuss’s tweet and let me just say your work is awesome! keep up the great work, love the environment studies, and this piece too. Motivates me to get better with environments and not just doing characters all the time.

    Seriously great work :)

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