Designing with Color and Light #1

I’m currently enrolled in the self-taught version of Nathan Fowkes’ “Designing with Color and Light” course, doing the assignments at my own pace. Here’s the first bunch. Quick screencap studies from Frozen.

lyrain_colorandlight_hw1a lyrain_colorandlight_hw1b


– They get the „light subject before dark background“ in almost every scene – if not possible by nature of the scene, just drop a diagonal shadow from some object in the BG
– Many shadow diagonals for nice composition
– Corners and unimportant areas often in shadow, almost spot light on characters.
– Ways to create interesting light:
*Open window or door from the side
*Hallway with several open windows
*Big off-screen object casting (diagonal) shadow over parts of image
*Windowlight can make light patterns
– Framing of characters with architectural elements (windows)
– Light does not always have to make perfect sense – as long as it looks believable


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