Duality-52: Priest Character Design

With all the environments, I thought it’s time to dust off my character design skills a bit.


The field scientist is part of a group of highly trained and specialized individuals venturing into the floating kelp forest, located in the windy valleys of Duality-52. Each group member has their own mission and goals, but travel into the wilds of Duality-52 is safer in company, so that’s how citizens of Duality-52 use to go about it –  and maybe hire a guard or two, depending on destination.

Duality-52 is a tidally locked planet located in the habitable zone of its star, which allowed rich alien flora and fauna to evolve, and attracted humans and other sentient species to build colonies. Duality-52 is an ongoing personal project I am developing with the skilled Yen Shu Liao.


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