Sketchdump #302 – Material Study (bronze)

Today’s material study: Bronze! I would have loved to spend much more time, and explore all the different ways bronze can be used, decorated and how it ages. There are only limited hours in a day though, so that’s all for now:

Sketchdump #301 – Material Study (Meadow)

One would think grass is easy to paint, but it’s actually not. There are so many value and color shifts, so many details… adding variety in vegetation helps. Spending more time (than I did here) would also help. It would be fun to paint the same scene in several ways, from highly stylized to somewhat realistic.

Sketchdump #300 – Material Study (oak trunk)

Sketchdump #299 – Material Study (oak wood)

Another wood test, this time – oak. A lot of the differences (apart from some color and structure difference) seems to rely more on treatment (polish, erosion..) than the actual tree it belongs to, so I am still trying to figure out how to sort all that information in my brain.

Sketchdump #298 – Material Study (mahogony wood)

Material Study! I’m painting a lot of wooden beams and furniture lately, so all the “generic wood” gets a bit boring, and I’m going to study some different kinds of woods. Here’s mahogony.

Sketchdump #297 – Still Life (Lemon)

Sketchdump #296 – Birch Material Study

I do not have much stuff to show lately, because everything I do is either NDA or not ready to be seen by the world (yup, I’m working on a new secret portfolio project!), but I do want to ramp up studies again on top of everything – and those I can show! So for now, here’s a little piece of birch.