Sketchdump #160 – Pencil Sketches


The usual anatomy! And some perspective studies with the help from Loomis and Norling.

Sketchdump98_1 Sketchdump98_2 Sketchdump98_3 Sketchdump98_4 Sketchdump98_5 Sketchdump98_6 Sketchdump98_7 Sketchdump98_8 Sketchdump98_9


2 thoughts on “Sketchdump #160 – Pencil Sketches

  1. Your anatomy studies are, as always, interesting to look at even though here and there something seems wrong – I was a bit amused though, as I took at the first look the weapon of your last male (the one in the center) for an oversized toothbrush :lol

    • Haha, toothbrush :D Yes, the more loose I am sketching (trying to get the sketches to be dynamic), the more mistakes I am making. I hope I’ll be able to combine dynamic+correctness one day :)

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